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About Me

Your Co-conspirator

Working as an integrative psychologist I draw upon my varied clinical experiences as well as my own life's journey to meet my clients where they are at; while challenging them to go farther towards self understanding and healing than they have perhaps gone before. 

I have worked with a diverse range of clients across multiple therapeutic settings since 2010 and have been licensed in the state of CA since 2017. Specializing in trauma, grief, relationship, parenting/family difficulties;

with a background in theatre and the arts I consider play and artistic expression important forms of self care.

Self Compassion is also foundational to my practice. From there we then can build on Nonviolent Communication™ strategies that are helpful for anger management as well as communication across settings and relationships.

I am also a Level I certified iRest™ Yoga Nidra teacher, which is a form of guided meditation focusing on deep relaxation, mindfulness and body awareness.

About Me: About Me
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